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The Nature of Wood

Wood is a living material, and wood flooring is warm and welcoming at the same time.You can order your parquet in a vast range of woods. If you are looking for versatility and durability, oak is a great choice, while a walnut hardwood flooring gives a touch of elegance to your home. A wenge parquet comes on a wide range of shades and teak flooring gives that homey atmosphere. And you, what about your favorite wood?

Worldwide Distribution

Motus distributes made in Italy engineered wood flooring to the most prestigious showrooms of the world. Our representatives have offices in Europe, Asia, North& South America. You can find MOTUS where MADE in ITALY products are looked for and appreciated, which basically means all over the world.

Pick your favorite

A parquet is the heart of the house and gives a strong personality to your entire home.That is why it is so important to get the right one. Your wooden floors are going to build up a warm, unusual or soft atmosphere. Your parquet is your own signature that shapes up your dream home together with MOTUS.

Be confident and leave your senses choose a MOTUS flooring for you.

Feel our wood flooring surfaces, their natural waves and smoothness. This is MOTUS parquet flooring for you.

If you leave your imagination wonder, you can perceive how gracefully our wooden floors keep the original forest fragrances and distinctive sounds. Now it is time to choose your favorite color! Browse our vast range of classics: brown, tobacco or red. Or go instead for a more modern solid wood flooring color like gray; get inspired by a raw effect or by the latest urban look. Shape up your dream home thanks to MOTUS.
We offer our best Italian parquet to complement your style and personality. Trust your senses; if you have chosen MOTUS parquet flooring, good taste is definitively one of your best assets.

MOTUS starts thanks to the ability and dedication of hardwood artisans. We believe that it is the attention to detail that makes the real difference. We like to take care of the whole construction process: from the search for raw materials to the processing and production of top quality and solid wood flooring. Passion for details and production quality, together with a low environmental impact and great customer service have helped us grow our strong positive reputation throughout the years.

Overcoming challenges is our business. That is why we welcome out- of- the ordinary requests, we like to meet customers’ specific needs if we can. Are you looking for a particular finishing or unusual colour? We want you to walk barefoot on your dream parquet. Unchain your imagination and send us your ideas: together we will design your dream parquet.
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Why MOTUS Legno

  • Our parquets and wood floor Designs are Made in Italy.

  • We only select top-quality woods and materials.

  • We tailor our parquet flooring for your needs.

  • From classic parquets to urban and contemporary designs.

  • Do not hesitate to contact us: we are always happy to help.

  • Your dream parquet is waiting for you



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