About us

MOTUS is a young company founded by Marco Barbieri, a passionate salesman with over 35 years sound experience in the industry.

Mr Barbieri has worked in the world of wood flooring and timber, acquiring technical knowledge and strengthening customer relationships. The philosophy of MOTUS can be summarized by the following: quality of materials, design, reliability, great customer satisfaction and assistance, competent technical support.

We manufacture and market the wood floors that our customers want.

We make your dream parquet come true thanks to our enthusiasm, passion and competence. Because we love challenges.

Our woods

We work with several kinds of woods, suitable for every taste. Find below a short description of our woods. We will help you choose what best suits your home, your signature parquet. If you want to choose the right parquet flooring for your home, you need to know more about the wood origins, attributes and appearance.

European Oak

Solid and sound, extremely resistant to shocks and aging. But also versatile and elegant. It comes on a wide range of colors and shades: it is not by chance if the Oak parquet is an all favorite for home interiors. The European Oak is a wood you can trust.

European Chestnut

The European Chestnut is a great alternative to the European Oak. These two type of wood share the same attributes but the Chestnut has a high aesthetic potential so far unexplored. The Chestnut wood is rich in tannin, which protects against woodworm and has a long life span.

European Ash

It is a semi-hard wood with a good mechanical resistance: it bends but it does not break. Ash has natural light blond shades and it is so versatile that it can be processed in different ways, from bleaching to heat-treatment. It lasts long time and humidity does not affect it.



Together with the oak, Larch belongs to the Italian tradition. This wood can adapt to any treatment: from bleaching and pickling, to the sawn effect. It is outstandingly durable and environmentally friendly.

European Walnut

The European Walnut is traditionally a luxurious wood, largely used in Italian homes. It is also called Nazionale and it has such a strong visual impact that Italians use to say that you only need a walnut parquet to furnish your home. Smart and elegant, it is a big classic.

American Walnut

Precious, refined, with a strong personality and yet never over the top. Hickory is known for its durability,  greatly appreciated all over the world. Thanks to its elegant veins, it is often used to warm up modern interior home designs.

Olive Wood

Olive wood has shades of color that change from yellow to dark brown : its fiber has irregular movements that make this wood special. Truly unique and recommended for every interior decor, from classic to modern.

European Elm

Elm is a top-range wood, famous for its nuances of color, beautiful veins and shine. Finishes are simply stunning and big spaces are the ideal setting for Elm parquets. Elm is a stable wood with a good mechanical resistance.

Asian Teak

Teak is a precious wood, strong and very warm, naturally resistant to water and humidity thanks to its oily substances. Teak flooring is therefore recommended for beautiful outdoor settings.


It is a very valuable exotic wood, famous thanks to its peculiar nuances. Wenge is recommended for every interior decor, from classic to modern and it also looks great on rustic interiors. It is a strong and honest wood; wear and time do not make it age any quicker.

Your Dream Parquet Flooring

We have listed here the most requested kinds of parquet flooring on the market at the moment. However, we welcome personalized requests and are happy to accommodate your needs. We have also built wonderful wood flooring from Pear wood, Rosewood, Olive wood, Mahogany, Ebony, Maple, Doussie and Iroko, Fir, Acacia, Afrormosia, Cherry, Beech, Merbau, Mutenye, Padouk and Zebrano.

Contact us and find out about the world of parquets and woods.

For any special need or request, questions or information that you could not find on our site, please fill in the form on the Contacts Page or Email us at info@motuslegno.it We will get back to you as soon as possible.