Made in Italy

Let’s ask around what Made in Italy means. Some people would say that it simply indicates where things are manufactured, some others that it is about Italian taste and style, for some it might be a synonym for elegance. They are all correct answers, but incomplete if referred to MOTUS parquets.  Italian engineered wood flooring means craftsmanship, expertise and passion about the product, tailor-made flooring.

Made in Italy parquets mean experience and expertise in the selection of raw materials that we offer to make high quality Italian parquets.

You will not find any better.

At MOTUS we think that speaking about Made in Italy parquets means speaking about high quality parquets and this alone represents a certificate for the excellence of our work. We carefully check our production cycle, select the best raw materials, and regularly update and innovate our manufacturing techniques.

Our goal is anticipating trends, yet giving value to tradition and experience, highlighting the properties of wood, a living and warm material.